Monday, November 12, 2012

question and answer

About a month ago, I was at a friend's house eating with a rather large group of people, most of whom were strangers to me.  One person posed a question to the group, "what movie, music album, or book has most changed your worldview?"

Great question.  I paused to think for a moment.  I couldn't narrow it down to one...or even three.  I could however, think easily of a small handful of people in my life who have most shaped my worldview.

The first two people that come to mind are husband and wife who I see at least two times per week.  Abby and Christian.  I met them almost 6 years ago at a 1027church retreat in Cleveland, GA.

They had moved recently to Atlanta for Christian's teaching job at Morehouse College.  Abby was a high school teacher yet to find a school at which to teach, even though she started teaching me right then and there.

They now live three doors down from my roommates and I.  I get to see them 2x per week or more.  They continuously challenge me to think outside the box and to love Jesus more.  They both have strong opinions, but they navigate their questions and doubts with much grace.

There is no huge life change coming for any of us coming 'round the bend (that I know of) which causes me to reminisce, but I want to use this space to say that I just love these people.  I love their kids.  I like their dog...sometimes (it's conditional).  They have seen me through my dad's second divorce and also a tough breakup, which made our friendship tough for a little while.  It's better now.

We don't agree on everything.  That's ok.  And it's a beautiful thing, because at the end of the day, we're still in the family of God.

During yesterday's sermon at my cousins' church in Richmond, the pastor referenced treasures in earthen vessels from 2 Corinthians 4:6-7, I was thinking of these precious sisters and brother of mine and thanking Jesus for them.  They walk by faith.  Their lives are not easy and neat, but they are honest about it, singing "I surrender all" every day with their deeds.  

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