Thursday, December 15, 2011

my dad said this is "almost sacriligious"

In other news, NYC was fantastic.  Rockefeller was my favorite part.  Erin Leigh and I almost got to see SNL dress rehearsals.  Contrary to my hopes and expectations, taxis do not just come screeching to a halt next to you when you wave your hand.  Also, the big ball at time square is smaller than I thought it'd be.  Finally, Gimbel's no longer exists (you know, like in Elf).  I knew these things may come as extreme disappointment to some of you, so I included the video above. You're welcome....and Merry Christmas.

"Pleased as man with men to dwell , Jesus our Emmanuel."


  1. i LOVE this clip from the charlie brown christmas special. they played it in church one christmas at mount vernon!

  2. oh, sorry- i wrote that before actually watching the clip (thought it was the one where he reads from Luke). yeah, i have seen this one before and think it's hilarious!