Monday, January 16, 2012

2011. a synopsis in photos and bullet points.

  • Dad came home to ATL
  • Car paid off
  • Credit Cards paid off
  • Turned 26 (went to Helen to "shoot the Hooch" with my roommate Jessica)
  • Took part in Sarah's wedding
  • Travel to Seattle, Oklahoma (2x), Orlando, Portland, Chicago, Florence (SC), Muncie (IN), Louisville, Denver (also Colorado Springs & Fort Collins), Richmond (VA),  & NYC
  • Met Trent through my dear friends, the Norman's.  Emails, phone calls, texts, skype conversations, g-chats, hand written letters, and a few treasured visits.  What a man. So thankful for Him.  #James1:16and17
  • Christmas- Dad helped pick out and set up my tree/Trent helped me take it down.
  • I'm more aware than ever that my understanding of the gospel is opposed by the enemy of souls (John 10:10, 1Peter 5:8)
  • took 9 of 12 months of 2011 to read Knowing God by TI Packer.  Whoa.  What a great book.  One of those I could read over and over again in my lifetime.
  • I had a list of goals for 2011...of which only half came to completion.  Namely the financial ones (God is soooooo good.  Also, let me just take the time right now to record that a few years ago as  I was waking up to the seriousness of my debt, I told God that I would pay it off and then, I would be open to wherever/whatever He had for me.  The very morning in June that I made my last card payment, Trent had emailed me.)
  • Spent my summer Mondays with my sister Cameron, who is growing up so quickly
  • Attended probably about 10 different Braves games.
  • 1:04 in the Peachtree and 2:20 in the Publix GA half marathon (FKA the ING half marathon)
And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure...
Sarah's wedding rehearsal

Abby's "Peanut" and I doing the scrunchy face

Braves game!
26 years old. 'Bout to 'shoot the hooch'

Beautiful sky over Midown!

Disney World!

Crater Lake Nat'l Park with Maura

Jonathan and Leslee got hitched!

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