Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a bullet'd update post.

Ok, I'm home sick after a fantastic thanksgiving trip to Oklahoma to see my family.  It's not debilitating illness, but enough to keep me home from work (pretty sure it's contagious), and I'm thankful to spend a day at home on the couch recovering...and for those windows of time when I get to breathe through my nose....like right now.  ahhhhhh.  Here we go with an update- bullet style.

  • Denver was good.  I've come to call Trent's friends, Jonny and Shannon, my own.  Their community exhibits a refreshing amount of candor, and we consistently asked one another, "How's your heart doing?" We were quick to pray for one another and offer words of encouragement.  Coming home from Denver was difficult, as the next time when Trent and I would see one another next was unknown at the time.   
  • Going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving was not something I had anticipated.  When I expressed the possibility to Mallory, her excitement made it impossible for me to refuse.  So, I was able to find a flight.  
    • On this note, I think I should share how thankful that I switched over my finances a few months ago to a credit card, which allows me to earn travel points.  If you had told me that I'd be doing this last year, I would have slapped you.  Shortly after Trent and I started dating, I considered it for a couple of weeks...and now looking back, I can say that I'm SO glad that I did!  I'm almost to a free flight, and it's much easier than using cash to keep track of spending (mint.com).
    • I do feel like I should put a disclaimer at this point.  Credit cards can be very dangerous.  I'm being vigilant over my spending, and making sure that I pay my balance each month.  The last place I want to go is back into consumer debt, especially after getting out of it earlier this year.
  • I've also taken a trip with Joel to Richmond, VA to hang out with Jonathan and Leslee, who got married in September.  I really liked Richmond for the following three reasons-
    • Joel, Jonathan, and I ran races on Saturday morning.  I ran the 8k and J&J the half marathon.  The awesome part was how gloriously flat the course was...and the giant downhill at the end.  
    • The architecture of the buildings and homes.  Richmond is so charming.
    • Jonathan and Leslee were GENIUSES in choosing an apartment right across the street from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.  It's free. I went there 3 times in 4 days.  There was so much more in the museum that I didn't get to see.  I just love art museums.    
  • I feel like so much else has happened in the past month which I've skipped over...which I'm ok with right now.  I will share with you one thing which I feel that the Lord has said to me over and over recently- "I want all of you."  
    • I had a particularly hard weekend a few weeks ago, and consequently spent the majority of a Sunday afternoon pouring over old journals, trying to find some kind of anecdote to help myself feel better.  Looking back now, I see that I was looking for something other than the Lord.  
    • Matthew 11:28-30 has taken on whole new meaning these past few weeks.   All that He asks is that we simply Come.

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