Friday, October 15, 2010

making these a little more frequent. :-)

So, Mr. Chris Golden called me out this past weekend that my blogs are few and far between, in response to my remark that his comments are few and far between.  Therefore, I'm going to commit to blogging more often...hopefully more often than 1x/2weeks.  Here goes.

I thought I'd retouch on some of my goals which I posted about 2 months back in this post.

1) spend at least 30 minutes every day cleaning something around the house or doing yardwork. this will help stuff not to pile up.   This has been a little shoddy, but I'm glad to report that tuesday night I spent an hour raking the backyard and last night I spent 30+minutes tidying my room while listening to a little Mark Driscoll!  (I highly recommend his sermon about the Lord's prayer)

2) give sacrificially (i.e. until it hurts)  I'm going to refrain sharing about this one (link).

3) organize, decorate room (being creative when funds are lacking).  I bought Maura's desk from her, along with 2 side I am working on this one- slowly. 
4) learn more about Atlanta. So far, I've checked this book out from the library 2x and not finished it.  One of these days...
In other news, last weekend was one full of sporting events.  On Saturday, a friend from work, Tam, met me for the Georgia Tech game.   So fun!   Sunday, I went to the Braves' playoff game v. the Giants with Joel, Jonathan, Leslee, Parrott, and a couple of Joel's friendo's from B'ham! 

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