Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new things

So, here is the story of my job.

Started October 2008 (5.5 months after graduation, just in time to start student loan payments. Thank you, Jesus) as a lab technician. I started with a small group of people, but was placed into a different section than Biology (when you are given a choice in the workplace, I have learned that it's best to tell the Man what you want right off the bat). The job I ended up with was ok. The plus side was that I learned a LOT and that my coworkers were awesome. The down side was the work itself and the salary. I learned to get by on little. Through a weird turn of events and through patient endurance given me by the Lord Himself, I was able to wait it out in order to move into a position which is better paid, and better suited for my resume. I started on Monday in this new position. Thank you, Jesus!

fortunately for you, my readers, I started with 5 new people (new to the crime lab), meaning I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs while they read policy, get drug tested, etc.

He does all things well.

PS-this also means internet at my house in a couple of weeks! this could possibly mean more posts!!

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