Saturday, February 6, 2010

a new friend

A few weeks ago, on a cold and dreary saturday morning in atlanta, much like today, I woke up with the intention of going to help on a habitat for humanity house in my neighborhood. I didn't want to go...but I went anyway. I'm glad I did.
I ended up painting the outside wall with a guy named Josh. Here is his story...

With the optimism of a New Year fresh in mind, I have decided to set a goal of achieving something amazing this year, and I'm calling it A Dollar A Step. You’ll find the details below; please read this email because I need every single one of you to help if I have any chance of accomplishing what I'm setting out to do.

Who: Me, along with every one of you -- family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and YOUR networks. This can't happen without all of you helping make this a viral phenomenon.
What: I'm going to run the Marine Corps Marathon this year on October 31. To add some intrigue to my preparation, I've decided to raise $1 for Habitat for Humanity for every step I take during training and the race (this equals about 2.4M feet and $1.2M assuming each step is about 2 feet). The catch is, individual donations are limited to $1 (if you are a family, business or organization, you can donate $1 per member or employee). I did this to eliminate the financial burdens and barriers to contributing. Everyone we know can afford to donate a single dollar, so there really are no excuses.
When: 2010
Where: Marathon: Washington DC; Volunteering for Habitat: Atlanta and Thailand; Fundraising: online at my fundraising page
Why: This is a much more complicated question that I'll be answering in bits and pieces on my new blog about this project, but it is very important to me, so if you do one thing for me this year, please donate $1.00 - no more, no less - here on my fundraising page.
How: With the help of you and your networks -- both online and offline. Please forward this email, become a fan of A Dollar A Step on Facebook and encourage all of your Facebook friends to become fans and spread the word as well.

The donation process only takes 2 minutes, so please don't delay in making your contribution. Thank you in advance for your support. Here's to amazing things in 2010!


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