Wednesday, September 2, 2009

it's been a while...

hello, blog world. let us become reacquainted today.

life has been crazy busy but very good. the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and running to and fro and here and there. i've started to get my feet wet a little bit in the ethnography world for UACP (fka UAII), an initiative which I have come to be involved with through my church. I am very excited about this!

so starting up with that and a few other things (including community group at 1027!), and a few other things. It's a period of transition- out of my summer laziness, into a tighter schedule and a more disciplined lifestyle.

Also, two very exciting things- GT football is starting this saturday! (The worst part about having a decent team is having ticket prices sky rocket) I will not be at the first game vs. JSU BUT I WILL be in Stillwater to watch the Cowboys take on UGA! This yellow jacket's puttin' on her cowboy boots for a day! (The most exciting part about this is that I'll get to hang out with my mom, stepdad, sisters, and bro-in-law!). Two years ago, when UGA played OSU in Athens, I had SO much fun learning all the OSU cheers!

Praise the LORD, for He does ALL things well.*

John 14:27

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