Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i have come to re-discover through a number of different avenues by which my creator speaks into my heart that He is the END. i must confess that i have all-too-often made Him the means to an end (the end being my pride, more material possessions, status, a husband, etc.), when the truth is that He is the End. He is my inheritance and my great reward. i have been especially guilty of placing the idea of a godly husband above the Lord as an idol: "if i can just appear to be godly enough, zealous enough, prayerful enough, _____ might love me and marry me, then i will be happy." the hard truth is that marraige is not glorified above singleness according to scripture. furthermore, Jesus is here, now, living inside me. why not pursue HIM to the fullest? why not expend my energies and heart on HIM?

what about you? what is your END? where are you going? how do you spend your time, treasures, talents, etc.? what does your world revolve around? i listened to a sermon last night in which the pastor pointed out that the first commandment had to do with idolotry, not the do's or do not's.

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