Monday, February 25, 2013

this weekend. floored.

If I tried to make this post into a narrative, there would be too many words.  Also, I don't feel I could adequately express how amazing this weekend was for marathon training and fundraising for 26 Miles for 26 girls. 

  • It started Friday, when CBS aired our story, along with brief moments from my interview.  The producer of the segment, Kara, did a phenomenal  job at telling this story.  I was blown away.   Here's a link to the video of the segment on CBS's site.  
  • When I woke up Friday morning, we had 10 girls sponsored.  By the time I laid my head down to sleep Friday night, 12 were sponsored.  I prayed for 14 by the end of Saturday.  We had eighteen.   I prayed for 20 by the end of the weekend.  We currently have 22 girls sponsored after this weekend.   I am absolutely blown away!
  • In terms of training, I ran a total of nearly 21 miles on Saturday, mostly on the race course itself. Erin Leigh did her 20 miles in NYC.  The hardest part of training is over.    
  • We are now on a countdown to race day itself (20 days) and the end is in sight!  I [almost] don't want it to end!   

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