Monday, October 22, 2012


What I've been reading: Les Miserables.  After seeing the preview for the movie (coming out Dec 25), I knew I had to get through the first chapter to finish the book!  I had read the first chapter at least 12 times.  My trip to portland a few weeks ago proved to be the perfect opportunity to get totally immersed in the rich plot and awesome characters in this story.  They are so multi-faceted.  My favorite parts were 1. the love story between Marius and Cosette and 2. (spoiler alert) When Javert allowed Jean Valjean to walk as a free man. There's also a lot of awesome social commentary about morality and poverty. I finished it last week and now I can't wait for December 25!
Here's the trailer-

What I've been watching on TV: Tuesday nights are my TV nights.  Raising Hope, Ben and Kate, and ESPECIALLY New Girl are all hilarious favorites.   Raising Hope is about a low-income family with 4 generations living under one roof.  Hope is the name of Jimmy's daughter, who was born due to a one-night stand which Jimmy had with Hope's mom, serial killer, now dead.   Ben and Kate is the newest one and it's created by the same people who make New Girl.

My sisters and BIL will tell you that it doesn't take a lot to make me laugh out loud when watching TV (there's your grain of salt), but this show is so funny.  It's about a brother, Ben, and a sister, Kate, both in their twenties, living together and raising Kate's young daughter.   And finally, my favorite is New Girl.  This season started off kind of rough because the plots of the first two episodes centered around the characters' sex lives...snore. Come on, Fox writers! Isn't that a little too easy?!  Last week's episode was the best one yet.  And because it's still my fave- here's a clip:

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