Thursday, April 19, 2012

in which I use this space unabashedly for a plug.

This Saturday, I am participating in my local YMCA's ( 1st annual spin-a-thon! Most of you know that physical fitness has become a really important part of my life. The purpose of the spin-a-thon is to provide financial assistance to those in my community who cannot afford memberships and program fees. The spin-a-thon is taking place this Saturday, April 21, 9am-1pm (my apologies for the short notice).

For those of you not familiar with the term 'spinning,' it's essentially just a stationary bike on which you can change the resistance up and down by turning a knob on the bike. I've been attending spin classes for a few months now at the Y and they are awesome! The spin-a-thon will take the format of a 4 hour long spin class with the hours split evenly between myself and the other 3 members of my team.

I am asking for your contribution of $15. Here's the easiest way to give:

1. go to

2. click on donate. click on donate now. follow the prompts.

3. at program designation, select east lake.

4. At dedication enter: Spin-A-thon

5. Fill out contact and billing info

6. At giving options choose donate 100% to charity.

7. At additional information: Campaigner box- type in Brooke Oliver

(donations are tax deductible)


Here's where your donation goes-
  • providing swim lessons for 1 child in the community ($100)
  • sending one child to summer camp ($100)
  • provide a week in travel camp for 1 child ($200)
  • help provide childcare for a single parent family for 2 weeks ($200)
  • sponsoring a teen membership or 2 youth memberships ($300)




  1. I love this! All of those things the money goes to are so important! Spin Brooke spin. PS Is that really fun? It seems like a drag to me.

  2. YEA ! So fun! Especially when the music is really good. The instructors are good about switching up the pace and resistance for a good workout.

    A big idea is that a lot of fat is burned when you take your heart rate very high and then lower it again, over and over again. So for one song, we'll do "fantastic 15's" - so repeating segments of 15 seconds of sprinting in 3 different positions on the bike followed by 15 seconds of 'rest' at a slower pace.