Thursday, March 22, 2012

words of a true friend

Gosh, my eyes are getting teary as I write this.  I just want to record this somewhere.  I've been reluctant to call any of my friends "best friend," because with that comes a 7th grade girl definition which says that means I only have one best friend.  But, I'm a grownup now, and I do have a best friend.  Sadly she lives on the other side of the country.  She was in town a couple of weeks ago.  She came to my house one day after work.  I was emotionally drained that day due to recent life events, but I sat and listened. I really had very little to offer her that day in the form of encouragement, words of wisdom, etc.  Then we went to the Y together, with the intention of going to a Zumba class. We ended up lifting weights instead. The other day she told me on the phone something to the effect of, "I knew you didn't have anything to offer, and that was ok.  It honestly didn't matter much to me what we did, whether sit and talk, weight lift, or zumba, but I just wanted to hang out with you."  Well, gosh-golly-gee.  What a friend.

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