Saturday, August 20, 2011

more changes!

Well, my cousin Joel actually emailed me last week about my silence in this space.  It's true.  My posts have been few and far between lately.  I'll try to give a bulleted synopsis of what has been happening in life.

  • The first thing I will mention here is that God has blessed me tremendously by allowing me to meet Trent.   We have been officially dating now for 3 weeks.  We have some mutual friends, Abby and Christian, who introduced us...which turned into a few weeks of emailing, a few weeks of phoning and skyping, and a visit to Atlanta (Trent lives in Indiana).  I'm so incredibly thankful.   When friends and family ask about him, I tell them that he is a high school spanish teacher, he lives in Indiana, and, most importantly, he loves God a LOT.    There is a small handful of people on this earth who make me want to love Jesus more.  Trent is one of those people.

  • I went to Disney World for a week with my Dad, ALL my sisters, and my brother in law!  It was fantastic just hanging out with everyone for the whole week.   It was such a treat.  Disney world was the happiest place on earth, but only because they were there....*delilah moment*

                     My sisters and I took to the frequent practice of hugging one another, saying with appropriate (intentional) speech impediments, "seeeeesturrrrrrs."

  • The day after we got back, our dear friend Sarah came for a visit!  I just adore this girl!

  • My dad closed on a house this week!  He moved in today, right next door to my good friend from Georgia Tech, Lance!    It's so good to see my Dad settle somewhere for awhile.

  • This is not necessarily a 'happening,' per se, but it is something that God revealed to me a few weeks ago while driving- while the Bible describes the placement of anything in the place of God, or a functional savior, as idolotry, if God is in his rightful place in our lives, we cannot love Him too much, worship Him too much, adore Him too much, cling to Him too much.   He is worthy of all of it.  Let us learn to worship and love Him well, for no matter the stage in life (single, married, college, high school, retired, empty nesters, parents, etc), as believers in Christ, we will always be worshipers first and foremost.  This is where life (the abundant kind- John 10:10) is found.

  • Also, if you're reading this and you used to procrastinate, can you tell me your secret?  I want to rid myself of this terrible habit

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