Saturday, June 18, 2011

26 years // 312 months // 9490 days // 227,760 hours

In my 25th year I have taken 2 trips to the lake, 1 trip to Oklahoma to be a part of Sarah's wedding, 1 amazing road trip with some amazing friends, a trip to Gainesville, FL to see Erin Leigh, and one trip to Seattle.  I ran my first Peachtree roadrace, 1 additional 10k, 2 5k's, and a half marathon.  For a period of about 6 months, I talked on the phone to both my sisters every day.  Maura lives in Portland now.  Erin Leigh lives in NYC now.   I have fallen in love with the Atlanta Braves.  I lost count of all the games I've been to.  I went to all but one Georgia Tech home football game.  I went to the last ever Georgia Tech basketball game in AMC.  My dad moved back to Atlanta. I gained a new amazing roommate.   I've gotten to know my office-mates, who never cease to get a giggle or sigh from me.   This past Thursday, I paid off my credit cards completely!

God is so good.   There have been some sad and happy moments this past year.  Because my birthday is in the middle of the year, it's good to re-evaluate where I am on my goals.  Right now, I know that I am doing abysmally on the Bible reading plan...but I HAVE been flossing!  :-) 


  1. I love you! Happy, happy birthday! I'm so happy you've had such an overall amazing year, and I'm so fortunate that we got to make such happy memories during your 25th year :)

  2. Thanks, friend! I agree! I forgot to mention that the home game I didn't get to attend in person was spent in Malibu in front of your laptop, chatting it up with your friend (who I believed was completely underwhelmed by me, but I was totally impressed with him- ha!)