Monday, May 16, 2011

2 bullet points.

  • The high temperature today was 90 degrees in Atlanta.  The training schedule said half mile repeats at increased pace.  I prepared for this by drinking water like it was my job all day long and by praying that I wouldn't die of heat stroke.    On my way home through the va highlands/druid hills, I saw dozens of people out running.  Either these people are dumb ("oh, it's 90 degrees, where are my running shoes?") or they are dedicated.  I'd like to think that fall into the latter category.
  • Question- I got the skirt above for a steal at an after-Christmas sale at  J Crew.  However, I've only found one top to pair it with- a long sleeve button up white shirt with some embellishment on the front.  Any ideas on how to transition this to the summer?  The lighting is poor in the picture, but the colors on it are black and tan. 



    Or something similar in a light olive green or basic black :) So cute!

  2. I'll help you plan a cute outfit when I come : )