Monday, April 4, 2011

i'd only be 'workin for the weekend' if every weekend were this good

good things about this weekend (in sort of random order):

1. Sarah's wedding.  Every part of this was great.   I am a crier at weddings.  I blubbered through the entire ceremony.   The bride and groom love Jesus so much and it's so evident through their lives.  The thing that the pastor said that will stick with me is that marriage is not for happiness, comfort, or convenience, but to serve as a model for the relationship between Christ and the church.  The reminder was a breath of fresh air.  If you follow my blog at all, you'll remember Sarah came to visit me last spring.  Hers and Jay's relationship was just beginning to bloom at the time.  It's been awesome to watch the relationship progress.

2. Our good friend, Pam was at Sarah's wedding and my sisters, brother-in-law, another friend, and I had the distinct privilege of sitting down for a meal with Pam.  Pam has become a spiritual mentor for all of us sitting there with her.  She's probably around my Dad's age.  She has a love for the Lord that I hope I can have one day.  She recognizes God's hand in her life in so many ways and trusts that she's right where she needs to be all the time.  She's had a rough year but we all listened to her attentively as she told of the many ways in which she's seen God provide over the past year- all in small ways which added up to something big and glorious.  I found myself wiping tears of joy from my cheeks yet again. 

3. Celebrated my brother in law, Steven's birthday.  He's 27 now.   And I am terribly bad at bowling.  I think it's in my DNA though.  My sisters and Mom aren't really any good either.  We definitely could have used the bumpers yesterday.  Another really fun thing was joking with Steven all weekend about the guy I will presumably end up with.  Steven's got his own list of requirements for this guy apparently...mostly that he must be cool, laid back , and like/play sports.

4. Finally, my Dad picked me up from the airport when I got home.  In the car, I turned toward him and said "You live here now.  That's so crazy!"  What a great homecoming it was.

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