Thursday, February 24, 2011

exciting stops up ahead...

March 6- I'll be going to Georgia Tech's last basketball game EVER at Alexander Memorial Colessium (i.e. thriller dome...although I'm not sure how thrilling this team really is)

March 13- Sham Rock'nRoll 10k Peachtree qualifier with Jonathan!

March 20- Georgia Half Marathon! Sub 2:15 or bust!  (ok, can anyone tell me what 'or bust' really means or where it came from?)

March 28- My DAD starts driving HOME to Atlanta from Seattle!!
(I found out he was moving back 2 weeks ago today when I was babysitting.  The younger of the two boys, Joey, was telling me something when my phone rang.   I looked and saw that it was my dad, I tried my best to politely hush Joey so I could answer the phone- as I was expecting the news- but failed, and the call went to voicemail.  The voicemail went something like "I want you to be the first person that I tell that I just officially accepted a position in Atlanta!")

April 2- One of my best friends, Sarah, is getting married!  I'll be traveling to Tulsa for this.    After she gets married, she'll live in 'Lou-uh-vuhl,' which is only a 5 hour drive from Atlanta!  A 5 hour drive feels like nothing after spending so many hours in a car on my roadtrip last year.

April 8- Braves home opening game!

And in May, I'll be paying off my car! Praise Jesus!  I've been thinking about 'good things' lately.  I've been trying to remember that  God is the author of all good things.  This essay by CS Lewis illustrates this beautifully.   For example, yesterday on my run, I made an effort to recognize the good things. One of the most prominent to my status quo was the weather.  It's been beautiful outside lately and the temperature held at about 65 degrees for the entirety of my run.  

Also, thanks be to God!  I am finally moving forward with training at work!  I've been waiting almost 2 years for this and I'm so thankful that it's finally here.  This is coming after a minor scare involving a possible move to a regional lab in Augusta or Cleveland, GA.  The threat dissolved this week, thankfully.

I don't talk a lot about work on here, mostly because I don't feel at liberty to give too many details due to the nature of what I do.  I greatly enjoy my job and I enjoy my coworkers.  I've found in the past 2 1/2 years as a working woman that personally, I don't find a lot of identity in my job.  It's just what I do 40 hours a week.  It does not define me.  However, I understand that a LOT of people feel differently about what they do...that their whole identity is wrapped up in their profession.  I'll hold back on being critical of that particular way of thinking because I realize that the place where I naturally draw definition and stability is mostly in my relationships - with my roommates, my family, my friends, my coworkers.

   However, the truth is that I am in Christ, a new creation (2Cor.five:17).  That is the only place where I should draw my identity.

That is all.

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