Friday, June 12, 2009


Abby and Christian (a couple from church) just moved in a few weeks ago literally 3 doors down from Jessica and I. 2 weeks ago this Sunday Abby handed me a key to their house so I could let their dog out the next Sunday while they would be on vacation. I put the key into my front jean pocket, telling myself that I should put this some place important so I don't lose it. Well...that didn't happen and the next day I did laundry...bad news bears. So I have started hanging my clothes on the clothes line in the backyard for drying. I remembered about the location of the key in the front pocket of my jeans after I had already hung the jeans out to dry. I checked the most obvious places- the front pocket, the washer, etc. The key was nowhere to be found. I still had 6 days before I had to let the dog out so I started praying. I didn't know where else to look except to retrace my steps on Sunday afternoon (the key was in my jeans pocket- it would have had to wiggle itself out or fallen out as I reached in for something else). Sunday came, when I was supposed to let the dog out. I prayed to find the key. I stepped outside to look in the grass below the clothes line. There, lying innocently amongst the grass blades, was the key. I am notoriously absent-minded. His grace is sufficient. Thank you, Lord!

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