Saturday, January 17, 2009

a new life

having a job after you get out of school is an interesting transition. it's a hard transition. i don't even know what about it is hard. i can't put pen to paper on that one really. i know for sure that I miss seeing many different people each day, meeting someone new at least once or twice per week, having such a crazy schedule (never thought i'd miss that), and walking everywhere (never thought i'd miss that either). College life was full of lessons that I had to learn much more quickly. Now the lessons are harder and longer. I miss school so much and I miss always having something to do. I miss the stinger. I miss the classes. But there are good things about the working life, the "big girl" life. No homework, nights are free and open to many more possibilities, and I do have way more time. The time part is so different that sometimes I don't even know what to do with it. The public library and Caribou have become frequent destinations. Hopefully when it gets warmer outside I can run and ride my bike. This post has been a bit somber. I think it might be because of the frigid temps and the clouds in the sky. I am thankful for something unshakable to take joy in- Jesus. Don't know what I'd do without Him. He's been the constant C since getting out of tech.

PS. Swooney singers are a fave.

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