Sunday, May 11, 2008


What do you think about chick flicks? Do you think that they put unreasonable expecations on the guys/men in our lives? Take the movie "You've Got Mail" for example. Joe Fox knows for half the movie that his internet...'belle' is actually Kathleen Kelly, who remains aloof until the end. As I watch the movie, I think to myself, 'What great patience.'

He befriends her by bringing her gerber daisies when she is sick in bed. Then, because they just happen to live in the same neighborhood, continue to run into each other. They discuss openly this internet relationship that Kathleen has with 'ny152' (Joe), only to reveal his true identity as her internet beaux at the end. His patience with her and with the ...process astounds me.

By 'process,' I mean the whole 'getting to know you' stage. In so many movies and tv shows, it makes reality look like a guy and girl getting together, feeling some unspoken magical "connection" between the two, quickly turning physical, which remains the basis of any further relationship between the two. Readers (all 2 of you), please take this with a grain of salt, for I have never really 'dated,' much less been in any serious relationship, though I have been on dates.

Going on dates has been...somewhat enjoyable overall, although I would much rather spend time with my family or read a good book. The reason I give any credit to these dates at all is because the only enjoyable parts came after the almost unbearable awkwardness that came before. Also, it seems to be so much about games and impressing the other person and figuring them out. Why not be straight-forward? Why not base a relationship on trust? Why not be friends first?

disclaimer: There are so many different opinions on this...and much of my opinion is based on personal preference, not some universal standard that I have found.

PS- What about 'How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days'? Does the way Ben comes to his senses and go chasing after Andie to sweep her off her feet defraud women?

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  1. Just found this post. I can't believe no one commented on this! Hope you don't mind if I share my opinion!

    For starters, I think chick-flicks are largely the product of a lost and hurting world. Reason being that girls watch them for fulfillment in an area they misunderstand. The princess is always rescued by the prince. This is very basic desire that is part of God's design for women. But as most girls have fallen fathers who fail at training them in the fear and nurture of the Lord, the little girls grow up to be women who don't know that Christ is the prince and that earthly men will not hold up to that perfect standard. With that in mind it seems that these movies are designed to tap into the woman's desire for this saving relationship, except that it always takes that fleshly turn for the physical. The Bible seems to point to true fulfillment in a man-woman relationship coming from Christ. Her beauty and submission playing the role of His Body the Church, while the man's headship, selfless leadership and faithful love act out Christ's love for them both. The worldly people in these movies can only conceive of a broken fulfillment in fleeting romance, whipped up emotions, sexual encounters and the inevitable tragic ending fraught with disappointment and shame. Is it a good idea for Christian women to feed their minds (which belong to God) with these books and movies? I'll say that if they do they need to be very discerning.