Monday, May 26, 2008

just when you think...

first of all, there are some big life questions that I am struggling though right now, one page of my journal at a time.

second of all, one of the things that I thought I knew something about was church. I think that the church is an essential thing. my freshman year at Tech I became involved in a church-plant in midtown, Atlanta (coming from a marietta mega-church). I have learned so much in the process. I am not knocking mega-churches...although had you asked me a year or two ago, I may have. I love the small, tight-knit community. This group of people has become like a second family to me. I have been a part of this church to see us change locations four times.

So the point of this blog is to say that I thought I knew something about church-planting. I don't. I am starting to read Mark Driscoll's book, Confessions of a Reformission Rev.. It's the story of how Mars Hill Church (Seattle) got its start. Here are some quotes that struck me.

To preface this - Mark is addressing the question of "Will your church be a mission of community or a community of mission?"
"The Pentecost version of community exists for mission, not for itself....People who think a Pentecost mindset do not see the building of community in their church as their mission. Rather, they see their church community as existing solely for God's mission, and they accept that the only way to have healthy community is to pursue God's mission of reaching lost people because community is an effect of mission but not an effective mission. God's response to Pentecost missional community is grace and unity through the Holy Spirit..."

"...leaders of emerging and missional churches must work from the conviction that comes from God and His Word instead of from the guilt that comes from people and their words. Leaders must frequently decide between offending Christ or a Christian, and Ghost-guided biblical conviction alone must determine the duties of Church leaders."

maybe some more thoughts down the road...

part deux- i decided just now to document some of my life's happenings in the past 3 weeks since graduation
Some of the things I have done- gotten a new car, watched my little sis graduate HS, smoked a cigar, driven to Atlanta and back A LOT, phases 1&2 of a bachelorette party, braves' game, gotten in a car accident (yes, it sucks), ALMOST gotten my cartilage pierced, saved woodland creatures, gone on some walks and runs, done some ab-work, eaten good food with good friends, burned a chick music cd, gone skydiving (i totally recommend it), spent some time at starbucks...and some other good stuff. There's lots to be thankful for right around now. The damage to my car is not that bad. But, like I said, struggling through some tough, frustrating things too.

peace out.

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