Saturday, March 23, 2013

in the image of God, He created them...

(Genesis 1:27).

Now, I am not presuming to know how that happened.

I only want to point out some of the beauty in that statement.  Sometimes, when I hear love songs, it makes me pine away for a love of my own.  Then, yesterday, working in the lab (because God so often meets me there), it struck me.

Men whose lyrics cause me to swoon and blush were made in the very image of God.  He is a creator God.  He is an artist.  

Where did these men get this ability to compose such refrains?

While they may not profess to be on 'Team Jesus,' as Abby and Christian say, I believe that this ability comes from God, who spun all the cosmos into being.

The Marathon was amazing.  I plan to write about it this weekend. Stay tuned.

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