Sunday, December 30, 2012

...uh, cause it's worth it

Today, I will run 14 miles, longer than I've ever run before in my whole life at one time.  The only way I can think about it is in 2 7-mile increments.  I've done 7 miles plenty of times before.  What's one more, right?!   Why on earth would I ever want to run 14 miles?  I keep reminding myself that the sore and tired muscles are worth it for those girls to go to school.  We've raised over $1500 so far and with each additional girl sponsored ($300), it gets more and more exciting.

I have to think of the miles that I am logging that way.  I can run a mile.  Fourteen miles (not talking 26 miles here....daggum) is overwhelming, but in mile increments, it doesn't seem so hard.  I've been doing average or above average at completing the runs on my training plan.  If I complete just 3 of 4 in a week, I keep telling myself "it's 75%, which is passing."   The perfectionist in me wants 100%, but alas, Christmas happens, family happens, winter solstice happens, schedules change, life gets in the way.  It's ok.  I am thankful for 75% and no injuries so far.  Erin Leigh actually ran in the SNOW  yesterday in NYC.  #likeaboss

Taken in Nov'12 after the half marathon in Richmond, VA!  This picture is great because of Jonathan's face.
My cousins Joel and Jonathan are running a Marathon in DC the same weekend as the GA marathon.  Joel will be joining us in raising support!  Also, EL's roommate, Tammy, is running the GA half marathon and will be raising support with us!  I am so thankful to be a part of something bigger than myself!  The other day I went running.  When I set out, we had 4 girls sponsored.  When I returned, FIVE were sponsored!!  Amazing!!

Here's the link to our fundraising page:
Will you join us?

Also, for your viewing pleasure...

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