Friday, July 20, 2012

and now ladies and gentlemen, 27.

Welp, here we are.  I'm one more year older as of about a month ago.   26 was great and also terrible (which is why it's taken a whole month to get this post together).  I loved&lost. I traveled to Lake Russell (East GA), Disney World, Portland, Chicago, Muncie (2x), Louisville (2x), Denver, Richmond, Oklahoma (2x), NYC, St. Louis, and North Carolina.  I've narrowly missed one flight and totally missed another (due to a semi truck explosion).  I ran one 10k, one 8k, three 5k's, & one half marathon.  I discovered spin class. I signed up and started training for my first ever triathlon (!). I went to a small handful of braves games. My dad bought a house.  My best friend Maura got engaged. My cousin Joel got engaged. My cousin Jonathan got married. Enjoyed some new deepened friendships.  I bought and decorated my own Charlie-Brown-style Christmas tree.  There you have it, nuthshell style.  Photos are coming soon.  promise. 

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