Saturday, March 19, 2011

georgia half marathon: round 2

So, tomorrow morning at approximately 7am I will begin a 13.1 mile long journey.  I've been training since just after Christmas.   My goal is to finish in under 2h15m.   After every half marathon I've done (3), I've told myself "no more of these," and yet, here we are again.  There's something about that magic number of miles.  I guess I just can't stay away.  I'm rested up, hydrated, and carb-loaded.  My ibuprofen bottle, bandaids, number, banana, and shoes are all set out for my early departure.  

This morning I went to my church's women's brunch/bible study.  My friends prayed over me and the race tomorrow.   However, in light of some of the other needs brought to the table for prayer (death, surgery, miscarriage being among them), my plight seems so trivial. This caused me remember 2 things: a) be grateful for the thoughts, prayers, and support extended by friends and family and b) to return to the question of what role does running play in my life...especially if I am to be seeking after God's kingdom (Matt 6:33).  

Last Sunday morning I ran in a 10k. I had 2 dear friends come out to cheer for me.  It's such a huge encouragement to have people out there cheering.  Tomorrow morning I have 3 or 4 friends coming out to cheer me on.   I am so excited by this!

While I am not sure about the role that running is to have in my life, I do know it has brought me to a deeper love of this city.  Also,  with running comes a level of fitness which requires me to be aware of the things I eat.  I feel this is an amazing way to care for my "temple" (Paul refers to his body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit -1Corinthians 6:19-20).   There are some shortfalls which I have discovered along the way, like my own insecurities about my body and self condemnation over "sub par" times.   These are shortcomings which lead me to Jesus, who loves me and the "bagel" around my belly button (read: my dad says that 6 pack abs are not in Oliver DNA) and He loves me if I finish in 2h15m or 2h45m.

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  1. And I'll still love you if you finish in 3 hours!