Friday, January 7, 2011

new decade.

Alright folks. It's a new year.  I've got some minutes at work, so I'm writing. 

I've made a list of some tangible goals for this year including but not limited to the following: flossing, watching SNL every saturday night, paying off my car, go camping, start a Bible reading plan, finishing the peachtree in under an hour...etc.  We'll see what transpires...rather, what the Lord does this year.  I tried my best to make my goals both challenging and achievable...and not boring. 

I was watching the "Out of Towners" the other day with Jessica.  There's one part in the movie where the middle aged couple, Henry and Nancy (played by Steve Martin and Goldie Haun) are talking about what they want out of life.  He states something to the effect of, "I just want to read books and do fix-its around the house."  Nancy replies "Is that all you really want?!"  This made me think twice about the year goals that were floating in my head...some of which may or may not have included books to read in the new year. 

One goal that is going to be achieved today is that I am going to board a plane bound for SEATTLE!!  I'm going to see my dad, my sister Cameron, and Maura!!  I could not be more excited!!  I think there'll be a good bit of downtime while I'm there, so I'll make a point to post a blog or two!  I definitely plan on visiting one of my favorite spots-  Elliot Bay Books at Pioneer square!  I do love a good bookstore!
AND the always entertaining and inspiring Pike Place market will be on the to-do list! 


  1. hey, i recognize that picture! a certain someone gave it to me framed as a wedding present. ;)

  2. yay! I don't know what it is about pike place but it's just so picturesque!