Wednesday, October 21, 2009

to my audience of [insert number of readers here]

Hello, faithful readers.

1. Autumn is upon us. Trees are changing colors and starting to get skinny. Football...ahhhh football (not sure if that'd be such a pleasant thought if my team weren't having such an incredible season. 6-1 baby!). Brisk air. The smell of burning dust (you know what I mean- the smell that comes when you turn on the heater for the first time).

2. Last weekend I took an incredible trip to Philadelphia, PA with Jessica. Philadelphia gets 2 thumbs up- one for Alicia being there and two for its gorgeous Georgian architecture everywhere. See bookface for pics. I might post some here later.

3. It's something about the changing of the seasons that causes me to remember my perpetual singleness, which the Lord had given me relief from any distress that I get from the idea. However, I know that when I remember Him, it will no longer be a point of distress but faith and hope.

4. I am incredibly thankful for my family. They are grace to me. Family that is geographically close is a great blessing.

5. failure is a necessary experience in life.

What are the happenings in your life? What are your goals and aspirations? What have you been thinking about? What are your glories and struggles?

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  1. oo pick me. I read your blog.

    you are a haus!
    go kick butt next weekend. and tell your cus i said aloha.

    miss you brooke-face.