Friday, September 11, 2009

Clemy-son @ GT; Thurs. 9/10/09

Here are some of my thoughts. Feel free to comment. This was a nail-biter for sure.

Final score: GT-30 CU-27

It was FULL of explosive plays (to which Paul Johnson commented on our current lack of patience/consistency). We scored 24 unanswered points in the 1st quarter. One was a punt returned for a TD (Jerrard Tarrant is a beast- he also returned a punt last game against JSU) Another score was a fake FG attempt, on which Thomas lined up on the outside undefended and kicker Scott Blair lugged it to him on a 39 yarder for the TD. Another TD (the only one from our offense, I might add) came from our offense when Nesbitt pulled a fake handoff to Dywer and instead pitched it to Anthony Allen on the outside who took it home on a 73 yarder.

As you might tell from the score, Clemson was able to come back. We lost a little of our intensity in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Kudos to the GT Defense. Notables were D. Morgan, Morgan Butler, Cooper Taylor. Kudos to Clemson's D, who did a phenomenal job at making halftime adjustments to stop the option. Their D-line was like a brick wall (D'Andre McDaniel (CU- whoa). Our offense only scored 7 points the whole night.

On the other side of the ball for Clemson, true freshman Kyle Parker (Willy Korn out, so Parker's 1st starting college game EVER, AND in a VERY intense environment) was stellar with 300+ yards in the air. He will be a force to be reckoned with. They pulled ahead with a FG to take the score 27-24 with 11:30 in the game (could have been 31-24 BUT Chandler Anderson stepped up bigtime on D and stopped them at our 4 yardline- the 3 would have been a 1st down- forcing a fg).

Then our offense stepped up the intensity, driving the ball down the field enough to score 2 fg's, one in the last minute of the game. On our last off. drive, we got the ball back after a defensive holding on a punt.

Surpisingly, standouts CJ Spiller and J. Dwyer each walked away with less than 100 yards each. (I think this game probably was a convincing argument against giving either a Heisman, esp being on Nat'l TV)

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