Monday, September 15, 2008


I think that the 'dot-dot-dot' punctuation is the best one out there, btw, with the parentheses in at a close second.

Working at the GT AA (AA, the athletic association, if you were wondering). I am the study hall monitor, meaning that I check athletes in and out for study hall, leaving lots of time in between to blog/read others' blogs/read/etc. There's one of the VB players in particular who has the best name ever! Just looking her last name (it's probably Russian...or Eastern European) is nothing special but hearing her say it is so pretty!

Sometimes I pretend like I don't remember who she is when she comes up to check in or out just so I can hear her say her name! It just sounds so exotic and cool. Maybe she'll meet a guy with the same last name (like my sister!) so she doesn't have to change it when she gets married, because that would be a shame. If not, then she should seriously consider the hyphen.

Tell me what you know about prayer.

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